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Hi, I'm Rahema and this is my website!

I'm a Slimming World Consultant who started as a member way back in 2011 and lost over 4 stones (pic below). It has been a whirlwind of a journey and due to increased demand I've decided to create my own website and associated Blog to provide my latest information on slimming, lifestyle and more!

My before and after pictures
Before and after 4+ Stone weight loss

There are no secrets to losing weight succesfully, no pills, no shakes, no hunger strike diets, bizarre routines or weird meal replacement drinks/shakes - just a sensible eating plan and the brilliant support you get with Slimming World. Join a group today and start changing your life - detailed information on my groups can be found by clicking 'My Groups' above.

Get inspired by my member success stories by clickling 'Success Stories' above, it's only a selection out of the many I could post. There will be more member stories on my blog and I am grateful to my members for providing the information and permission to publish.

About Me

I became a Slimming World Consultant in January 2013 opening my first group in Bordesley Green, Birmingham and had the prestigious honour of becoming a Gold Century Club Consultant in 2015. I openend my second group in Acocks Green in September 2014. I love my members and my groups.

Gold Award from Margaret - Slimming World founder

My fantastic Slimming World Groups

Come and join me and my members at one of our warm, welcoming and friendly groups to start your journey.

This is where you will find confidence, inspiration and make new friends to spur you on to your target

Open EVERY week throughout the whole year, even at Christmas and New Year

My before and after pictures
Image Therapy in action at Group

Bordesley Green

Acocks Green

Saturdays 8.30 & 10.30AM

Thursdays 9.30AM

St Pauls Centre, 405b Belchers Lane, Bordesley Green, Birmingham. B9 5SY Grange Social Club, 11-13 Broad Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham.B27 7UZ

Members Amazing Success Stories

I am extremely proud of all of my members and I share some success stories below, there are literally too many to put here.

If they can do it, so can YOU.

Two of my former members, Azra Bashir and Rosemary Hendricks, have gone on to become succesful consultants themselves. I am extremely proud of both of them.

I joined Slimming World in November 2015, the Saturday morning group. You only have to look at my before pics to see why I joined. I have lost weight many times only to put it all back on trying every diet you can think of. What has Slimming World done for me? I am 4 stones lighter I feel fantastic. I now don't mind my photo being taken. I can shop off the peg I feel so much healthier and I've made loads of friends. Next year 2017 I'm going to get to my target, Slimming World has become my second home. BEST decision I've made in a long time, thank you to Rahema & the 'Bordesley Green and Acocks Green' face book group, always there when needed xx
Member 1
Having joined Slimming World in May 2015 I have lost an amazing total of 5 Stones over a period of 18 months. It has been a whirlwind but with the support of my consultant and the group I have exceeded my expectations. Changing my usual recipes to healthier ones was a challenge at first but stick to it and the results show for themselves. With Slimming World once you get the weight off you can easily keep it off!
Member 2
I finally achieved my target a couple of weeks ago losing just over 3 stone. It has taken 2 years to do this partly due to me twice changing my target which was totally my choice and I am now finally happy with my weight. I had a tough time last summer gaining weight after reaching my 2nd target and not following what I had learned all those months before. I won't make that mistake again, I will 'check in' regularly and continue to make good choices. Slimming World works if you do it properly! Thank you to all the lovely friends I have made in Group, it's a great social event every week, and I love sharing recipes and tips. Also thank you Rahema who believed in me and helped me on my journey to get to where I wanted to be! Love to you all and I hope you get where you want to be with Slimming World xxxxxx
Member 3

My Blog - for Recipes, inspiration & more

It's at my Blog where i'll keep you up to date with posts about Slimming World, lifestyle and more.

As well as Slimming World friendly recipes I'll include more information on meal plans, answering frequently asked questions and motivating and inspiring all to stick to plan through the ups and downs.

There are no secrets to losing weight succesfully, no pills, no shakes, no hunger strikes - just a sensible eating plan and the brilliant support you get with Slimming World.

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